TechMedic Computers. Serving You—along with Eugene's Macintosh & Apple Community...Since Before the Turn of the Century

If you have an Apple product, and it’s acting up…needs repair…something’s wrong. Maybe you’re not sure. But you know you need help. Expert advice. And fast.

If you’re in the Eugene area, you’re in luck. There’s one thing do. First. Call Robin Standafer at TechMedic Computers right away — (541) 484-3603. He’s here to help you. And he has been for years. And he knows Macs inside & out.


So join the ranks of satisfied customers that trust Robin and TechMedic Computers. TechMedic specializes in repair, service and advice with Apple computers, iPods, iPads—and pretty much any other Macintosh item you might need repaired, or to keep running at its very best. You’ll be in good hands. Fair, honest and reliable Apple & Mac repair and service.